School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation System

How to Register


Thanks for your interest in registering your school or district comprehensive school mental health system (CSMHS) with the SHAPE System! SHAPE is a free, secure, web-based platform designed for school and district mental health teams.

A CSMHS is a broad term for any school/district-community-family partnership that provides a multi-tiered continuum of evidence-based mental health services to support students, families, and the school community. Your "system" includes any team of individuals working together to support the social, emotional, and behavioral well-being of students, their families, and schools.

To register, one person on your team must open your school or district account, allowing you to:

        • Invite individual team members at your school/district to join your account
        • Self-assess your school mental health resources, staffing, and service array
        • Self-assess your quality and sustainability performance
        • Self-assess your trauma responsiveness 
        • View and print free customized reports 
        • Obtain free school mental health tools and resources 
        • Access a Screening and Assessment Library of measures related to student success
        • Achieve SHAPE recognition to increase opportunities for federal, state, and local grant funding
        • Be "counted" in the National School Mental Health Census 

How do I get started?

Select your state, district, and school (if applicable) to create your school or district account in the SHAPE System. Once you create an account, you can invite other team members to help you complete the School Mental Health Profile. You may register your CSMHS at the district or school level. Once one person registers your school or district and invites other team members, everyone has the same access permissions to your SHAPE account. 

For full instructions on how to register for the SHAPE System and complete your School Mental Health Profile and National Performance Measures collaboratively with your school or district, please refer to the following documents:

How to register a school
How to register a district