School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation System

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When you click Join Now and answer a few questions, your school mental health system will be counted in the National School Mental Health Census and will receive a Blue Star SHAPE Recognition.

Also, we will use your name and e-mail address to update you on SHAPE System news and resources. Anyone (district/school leader, educator, health/mental health provider, parent, student, etc.) from a school system can join us!

Schools and school districts can use SHAPE to:

  • Be counted in the National School Mental Health Census

  • Achieve SHAPE recognition to increase opportunities for federal, state, and local grant funding

  • Access free, targeted resources to help advance your school mental health quality and sustainability

  • Advance a data-driven mental health team process for your school or district

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Custom Reports

Each time your team works together to submit information on SHAPE, your entire team has access to free, customized reports reflecting your school's or district’s data. Download, print, and share these custom reports to drive your team-based strategic action planning, share your performance with key stakeholders, and compare reports to monitor your progress over time.

Team Assessment & Planning

The SHAPE System is a free, private, web-based portal that offers a virtual work space for your school mental health team to document, track, and advance your quality and sustainability improvement goals as well as assess trauma responsiveness. Many comprehensive school mental health systems report that their teams would benefit from a mechanism to improve collaborative planning and communication among their multidisciplinary school mental health team.

The SHAPE System allows you to invite any school-based, community- or school-employed team members to your SHAPE account, where you can work as a coordinated, collaborative team to assess, document, and plan around the quality and sustainability of your school mental health services and supports.

Preview the assessments:


With a SHAPE account, you and your team members have access to up-to-date comprehensive resources, including public access resources hand selected by a team of school mental health experts. Sort resources by topic to hone in on the specific quality, sustainability, and trauma goals your team is working toward. Use the resources to generate ideas for action steps related to your own improvement goals and share these resources with your colleagues. Additionally, schools and districts have access to the Screening and Assessment Library, which includes free or low-cost screening and assessment measures related to school mental health.

Be Counted

By engaging with The SHAPE System in any way, your school or district mental health system will become a part of the national school mental health movement toward accountability, excellence, and sustainability. If you are a stakeholder or team member of a school mental health system at the school or district level, the National School Mental Health Census should include your system! By answering a few brief questions via the Join Us button, we can count your school or district in our National School Mental Health Census and add you to our mailing list to keep you updated on SHAPE news and events.

Preview the National School Mental Health Census:

If you are interested in being counted in the National School-Based Health Care Census and improving the quality and sustainability of school-based health centers, visit Quality Counts.