School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation System

Assessment Library

What is the Screening and Assessment Library?

The Screening and Assessment Library is one of the SHAPE System's popular resources available to schools and districts with a SHAPE account. Screening and Assessment Library Landing Page

This resource is a searchable library of free or low-cost screening and assessment measures related to school mental health, including academic, school climate, and social, emotional, and behavioral focus areas. Search filters allow you to narrow your results by focus area, assessment purpose, student age, language, reporter and cost.

Your search will populate with all of the measures that fit your selected criteria. Then, select the measure name to access a downloadable PDF, which includes a one-page summary, links directly to the measure, and includes instructions on administration, scoring, and interpretation.

More than 30 measures are currently included in the library with more added regularly!  

The library was developed through a comprehensive review of publicly available or low-cost measures conducted by the Center for School Mental Health. Each measure was coded according to information available in the public domain using a standardized rubric developed using a team approach.

Download a sample measure summary sheet.

How can I access the Screening and Assessment Library?

Accessing the Screening and Assessment Library is simple and free! Just follow these steps:

        • Visit
        • Register your school or district team to open a SHAPE account by selecting your school or district from the drop-down menus and creating a personal login. Only one person per school or district may register for the team, and then that person may add "team members" to create their own SHAPE login to view the school or district account.
        • Complete the School Mental Health Profile as a team. This assessment will ask you to provide information about your mental health staffing, service array, and data systems. There is an automatically generated report you can use to view and share the information you entered. By completing the School Mental Health Profile, you will achieve Bronze Star status and your school or district will be counted in the National School Mental Health Census. There is also an automatic report you can access that clearly summarizes the information you entered to document information about your mental health services, as well as a printable certificate confirming your “Bronze” SHAPE Star Status.
        • Access the Screening and Assessment Library by selecting the Screening and Assessment tab in your account and start searching!

Register to access the Screening and Assessment Library