School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation System


Q: Our district is using SHAPE to guide our schools in a self-monitoring process around quality and sustainability for their school mental health services. What do we do to guide our community partners in the same process? How is their role reflected on SHAPE?
A: The quality and sustainability assessment process should be informed by entire school mental health teams to include school and community-employed professionals who work at the school. On the contributors section of the report, names and roles of these different professionals are reflected so the school and district have a way to document which assessments were conducted with community partners and other stakeholders as part of the conversation.

Q: The quality and sustainability assessment reports tell us to report on last school year, but then ask for a different time frame we can enter. How do we know which to use?
A: Your first assessment should always report on the last school year. This is why last school year is the default option. However, if you already reported your first assessment on last school year, and now your team is using these assessments regularly to monitor your CSMHS progress throughout the year, the period of this report might now be for the last month, or quarter, or six months, for instance.

Q: Our school is using SHAPE but we're not ready for our district to see our information yet. What can we do?
A: Select the "Team Members" tab when you are logged on to your school account. There is a section called "District Access." Make sure the check box is not selected for "Allow your district to review your School Mental Health Profile and Quality and Sustainability Assessments." This is recommended, but by default it is not selected. You can change this at any time.

Q: Is there a way to trial SHAPE to learn more about its features?
A: Yes, please view our most recent SHAPE Live Demonstration webinar (approx. time: 1 hr).  If you still have questions, please contact the CSMH or visit the Contact Us tab and select "Live demonstration" as the subject.

Q: How can states get involved with SHAPE?
A: There are three options for state leaders interested in learning more about SHAPE:

        1. State leadership can Join Us on the SHAPE home page and report on one district or school they are most familiar with. This ensures your name is added to our listserv for SHAPE updates and you also helped a school or district be counted in the National School Mental Health Census.
        2. State leaders can be added as a team member to any school or district account.
        3. If you'd like to learn more about SHAPE, please view our SHAPE Live Demonstration webinar. If you still have questions, please contact the CSMH or visit the Contact Us tab, select "Live demonstreation" as the subject, and request a personalized virtual demonstration of SHAPE.

Q: I don't see my school or district in the dropdown menu. Can I register our team?
A: Yes! Please contact the CSMH or visit the Contact Us tab, select "Live demonstration" as the subject, and submit your name and the name and full address of your school or district. We will be in contact with you about creating an account for your team.