School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation System


Creating an Account

Q: How do I create a school or district account to access SHAPE?
A: Visit the "How to Register" tab and select your school or district name from the dropdown list. You will be prompted to create a username and password and then a new account will automatically populate. Then, you can visit the "Team Members" tab to invite your colleagues to the site.

Q: I don't see my school or district in the dropdown menu. Can I register our team?
A: Yes! Please contact the NCSMH or visit the Contact Us tab, select "Other" as the subject, and submit your name and the name and full address of your school or district. If you need a district account created, please include the name and full address of one school in the district. We will be in contact with you about creating an account for your team.

Q: I tried registering my school or district but it says the account is already created.
A: The first and last name of the individual who created your account will be displayed. If you do not know who it is, contact the NCSMH to get connected to them and join the team account.

Q: I just want to complete the Trauma Responsive Schools Implementation Assessment. What will I need to do after I register?
A: Just sign in and select the "Trauma Responsiveness" tab to get started! Feel free to visit the "Team Members" tab to invite your colleagues.

Using SHAPE Assessments

Q: How often should a team update their School Mental Health Profile?
A: After completing the School Mental Health Profile, we recommend you review and update it at least annually. The "Mental Health Profile Updated" date in the upper right hand corner of your account will always display the last updated date, as will the automated report

Q: I completed the School Mental Health profile, which assessments should I do next?
A: This depends on what you and your team finds to be the most important domain for your school and/or district to cover.

Q: How often should a team complete the Quality Assessment and Sustainability Assessment?
A: It is up to your team, but we recommend completing the entire assessment once or twice per year. Once your team decides which domains to focus your quality improvement efforts on, you might return to related domains more regularly to track your progress.

Q: What time frame does the Quality Assessment and Sustainability Assessment refer to?
A: Your first assessment should always report on the last school year. This is why last school year is the default option on the Quality Assessment and Sustainability Assessment. However, if you already reported your first assessment on last school year, and now your team is using these assessments regularly to monitor your CSMHS progress throughout the year, the period of this report might now be for the last month, or quarter, or six months, for instance.

Q: How can community partners and providers use SHAPE?
A: School mental health teams must register under a school or district. However, all the team assessments on SHAPE (School Mental Health Profile, Quality Assessment, and Sustainability Assessment) should be informed by entire school mental health teams including school- and community-employed professionals who work at the school or district. Names and roles of all professionals who participated in the assessment are reflected on the reports to ensure the school and district can document and track which assessments were conducted with community partners and other stakeholders as part of the process.

Data Access

Q: Can districts automatically view their schools' data in SHAPE?
A: Districts have a "My Schools" tab that lists every school registered on SHAPE in their district. Schools must disable data sharing with their district. By default, data sharing is enabled. Schools can change this at any time. Schools can also select "Show My District Team" to view district team member names at the district can view their SHAPE data if they enable data sharing.

Q: How can schools enable data sharing with their district?
A: A school team member should select the "Team Members" tab when logged on to their school account. There is a section called "District Access." Make sure the check box is selected for "Allow your district to review your School Mental Health Profile and Quality and Sustainability Assessments." This is recommended. You can change this at any time.

Learn More About SHAPE

Q: Is there a way to trial SHAPE to learn more about its features?
A: Yes, please view our most recent SHAPE 101 (approx. 30 mins). If you still have questions, please contact the NCSMH or visit the Contact Us tab and select "Live demonstration" as the subject.

Q: How can states get involved with SHAPE?
A: There are three options for state leaders interested in learning more about SHAPE:

        1. State leadership can Join Us on the SHAPE home page and report on one district or school they are most familiar with. This ensures your name is added to our listserv for SHAPE updates and you also helped a school or district be counted in the National School Mental Health Census.
        2. State leaders can be added as a team member to any school or district account.
        3. If you'd like to learn more about SHAPE, please view SHAPE 101 (approx. 30 mins). If you still have questions, please contact the NCSMH or visit the Contact Us tab, select "Live demonstration" as the subject, and request a personalized virtual demonstration of SHAPE.

How Do I Share SHAPE?

The NCSMH has developed a number of resources to support your efforts to share information about SHAPE with your networks and colleagues. If you need a speific resource not included below, please contact us at so we may tailor materials to your needs.

Learn More About Our National Quality Initiative Partner

Q: What is a school-based health center (SBHC)?

A: SBHCs represent a partnership between schools and community health organizations that ensure high quality, onsite health care to address a broad range of concerns and adverse experiences that affect students' healthy development. SBHCs are represented by a robust team of medical, nursing, and mental health staff - even oral and eye health - providing an array of expertise, resources, and authority to improve the physical, social, emotional, and behavioral health of students.

Q: How do I engage in school-based health centers (SBHCs)?

A: As part of the National Quality Initiative (NQI), in partnership with the Center for School Mental Health, the School-Based Health Alliance (SBHA) hosts a portal to collect their standardized National School-Based Health Care Census and performance measures for improving the quality and sustainability of school-based health centers. Visit the Quality Counts portal to join other school-based health centers by being counted!