School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation System

Trauma Responsive Schools

What is the TRS-IA?

The Trauma Responsive Schools Implementation Assessment (TRS-IA) is a quality improvement tool developed by the NCTSN Treatment and Services Adaptation Center for Resilience, Hope, and Wellness in Schools and the Center for School Mental Health.

The TRS-IA is an evidence-informed self-assessment that comprises eight key domains of trauma-responsive schools and districts:

        • Whole school safety planning
        • Whole school prevention planning
        • Whole school trauma programming
        • Classroom strategies
        • Prevention/early intervention trauma programming
        • Targeted trauma-informed programming
        • Staff self care
        • Family and community engagement

Administration time is less than 20 minutes. Automatically generated feedback reports support schools and districts working to enhance their trauma responsiveness.

How do I complete the TRS-IA?

To access and complete the TRS-IA, you must register as either a school or district team.

Only one person per school or district may register, and then that person may add "team members" from the school or district. The team should work together to complete the TRS-IA.

Registration on is simple and free! The SHAPE registrant will be asked to complete information about school or district staffing, service array, and data systems. Completion of these questions is optional, and may be skipped and completed at a later time. The SHAPE registrant can invite school or district team members to help complete these questions as needed.

After completing the SHAPE registration, you will then have access to several useful tools:

        • Trauma Responsive Schools Implementation Assessment (TRS-IA)
        • School Mental Health Profile, after which you will also have access to:
          • School Mental Health Quality and Sustainability Assessments
          • Screening and Assessment Library
          • Curated resource center to support school mental health quality improvement

Register to access the TRS-IA